Misfits 13 In Nashville On March 23, Fox the G takes on TWO opponents, live on DAZN

03/22/2024 - No comments

MF & DAZN: X SERIES 13 CONFIRMED FOR NASHVILLE ON MARCH 23 – X Series returns to the US with ground-breaking ‘Outnumbered Match’ as Fox the G takes on TWO opponents, live on DAZN

When the bell rings on March 23, Nashville’s gonna witness a showdown like no other, with MF & DAZN: X Series 13 rolling into town, streaming straight to your screens only on DAZN.

Hot off a jaw-dropping knockout at X Series 12, Fox The G’s diving headfirst into the lion’s den for his first-ever main event, squaring off against not one, but TWO challengers.

X Series ain’t your grandma’s boxing league, and they’re upping the ante next month with an “Outnumbered Fight” that’s sure to drop some jaws, live and direct on DAZN.

Our boy Fox The G’s stepping into the ring with the notorious duo, Most Evil Tag Team – Most Wanted and Evil Hero, who’ll be playing tag while Fox stands solo, duking it out David vs. Goliath style.

And don’t even get me started on the appetizer fights! The undercard’s serving up the first slices of the MFB Lightweight interim title pie, with Joey Knight throwing down with Baby Hulk, and LilCraCra facing off against Yuddy Gang in the quarterfinals.

With eight top-drawer lightweights vying for the crown while Deen The Great’s on the mend, X Series 13 is shaping up to be the fight night to end all fight nights.

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And Fox The G? The man’s unfazed: “Come March 23, I’ll be the underdog, back against the ropes in Nashville. But hey, I thrive on it! Doubt me all you want, but I’m about to serve up some more shockers. One, two, three opponents… bring ’em on. I’m swinging till everyone’s on the floor.”

Mams Taylor, the big cheese at Misfits Boxing, is buzzing: “X Series 13’s gonna be an all-American blowout! Fox The G’s on fire after his knockout spree, and we’re throwing him into the deep end with our first ‘Outnumbered Fight.’ Plus, we’re kicking off the MFB Lightweight scramble with a couple of bangers. And trust me, we’ve got more up our sleeve that’ll have the fans going nuts.”

Kalle Sauerland, Misfits’ other head honcho, chimes in: “At Misfits, we don’t just push the envelope – we shred it. Mystery matches, tag teams, survivor showdowns, and now, an ‘Outnumbered Fight.’ It’s wild, it’s wacky, and it’s a first, making X Series 13 on March 23 in Nashville a must-watch.”

Alfie Sharman from DAZN adds, “X Series isn’t just about fisticuffs; it’s a full-blown entertainment juggernaut. Eighteen months in, and we’re still serving up fresh thrills. March 23 is set to be another barnburner. Don’t miss it, only on DAZN.”