Amir Anderson Joins Misfits Boxing: A Professional Leap Bound for Stardom

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Amir Anderson, dubbed the “Cashman,” just inked a deal with KSI’s Misfits Boxing, turning his decorated amateur career into a pro boxing saga. The buzz? It’s real, as this prodigy makes his pro debut on a glitzy Miami stage during the Misfits Boxing X Series 16 on August 10. Oh, and you can catch the fireworks live on DAZN, because who doesn’t want to see a 10-time national amateur champion step into the big league?

Cashman’s not just any fighter. He’s racked up titles like they’re going out of fashion, leading USA Boxing’s Elite squad across three divisions and bagging an Olympic Trials win. Now, he’s ditching his amateur gloves, aiming to shadowbox the greats like Mayweather and Jones Jr. into global stardom.

His first pro gig? A five-round brawl in Miami, managed by his long-time cornerman Chris Burns. Anderson, clearly not short on confidence, shared, “I’m psyched to shake up boxing with Misfits. Ready to dazzle on August 10 and beyond. Watch this space.”

Misfits Boxing’s brass is all in on Anderson. Mams Taylor, co-president, touts Amir’s “grit and dedication” as tailor-made for their roster. Kalle Sauerland, also at the helm, predicts Anderson isn’t just a potential world champ but the face of boxing’s next gen.

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The Syracuse native keeps his roots, training at the same NY gym where his boxing journey began at age seven, and still mentors the next wave of fighters. Known for his ambidextrous onslaught, Anderson dominated the USA Boxing’s 156-pound division in 2022, clinched the 2023 National Golden Gloves at 165 pounds, and conquered the 2024 Olympic Trials at 176 pounds.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, August 10
  • Start Time: 7 PM EST (12 AM UK Time)
  • Streaming: Live on DAZN
  • Venue: Miami, Florida

Updated Fight Card:

  1. Amir Anderson vs. TBA – Middleweight Division


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