Misfits 13 Results: Victories for Fox The G, Avila and Vitaly

03/25/2024 - No comments

Misfits Boxing Lights Up Nashville: A Night of Surprises and Knockouts

Misfits Boxing turned the city upside down last Saturday, throwing a bash that was anything but predictable. The main event had everyone talking about Fox, ready to take on the notorious duo, Most Wanted and Evil Hero. Most Wanted bailed, leaving everyone hanging.

Despite the hiccup, the show was anything but a snooze fest. Chris Avila, straight out of the Bellator trenches, jumped back into the Misfits Boxing madness, squaring up with Jake Bostwick. And Tayler Holder? The TikTok jester turned boxer, ending his ring sabbatical to duke it out with DWG Earth.

Let’s talk results:

Fox made quick work of Evil Hero, delivering a blistering first-round TKO just 55 seconds in.

Chris Avila and Jake Bostwick went toe-to-toe, with Avila edging out a split decision win. The judges scores : 37-39, 40-36, 39-37.

Tayler Holder announced his comeback with a bang, sending DWG Earth packing with a second-round KO. The clock was just shy of 3 minutes.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, the Lil Cracra vs. Yuddy Gang fight got scrapped, leaving fans in a lurch. Classic.

Joey Knight wasn’t there to play, dispatching Baby Hulk with a rapid first-round TKO at 2:22. Definitely a moment to remember.

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In the warm-up acts:
Nikki Hru snagged a win against Alexia Grace, with the judges giving her the nod all around.

Vitaly flexed his muscles against MoDeen, wrapping up a decisive first-round TKO at 2:58. Pure dominance.