Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

05/26/2024 - No comments

Live on DAZN globally, the match kicked off with Brooke flooring the former UFC star VanZant in the first round. Yet, VanZant didn’t just roll over; she picked herself up off the canvas and battled back to snag a draw in what’s being billed as the biggest crossover boxing match in women’s history.

Right after the dust settled, Misfits Boxing Co-President Mams Taylor wasted no time announcing, “You are going to see them back in the ring in the UK,” hinting at a fiery rematch that’s sure to draw even bigger crowds.The night wasn’t just about punches and knockdowns; it was a spectacle wrapped in the drama and thrill only Misfits Boxing could deliver.

YouTube video

Here’s the rundown of the rest of the fight card from the night:

  • Elle Brooke vs. Paige VanZant dragged out to a split draw; Elle keeps her belt, but just barely.
  • Alaena Vampira vs. LOZA – another split draw. Guess it was the theme of the night.
  • Alysia Magen vs. Fangs – Magen snagged a win by unanimous decision.
  • Jeremy Park vs. Anthony Vargas – Park took a hit, losing by unanimous decision. Tough break, kid.
  • Lil Cracra vs. Yuddy Gang TV – Lil Cracra got edged out in a split decision. Close but no cigar.
  • LeVeon Bell vs. Tristan Hamm – Bell rang true with a unanimous decision win.

Looks like Misfits Boxing is where the drama’s at, with fighters throwing down but leaving everyone guessing till the last bell. Keeps the fans coming back, even if they gotta scratch their heads wondering what they just watched. Get ready for round two in the UK

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