Influencer-turned-boxer Tristan Hamm announces fight against NFL legend Le’Veon Bell stating he ‘can’t wait to lay the Hammer down’

05/02/2024 - No comments

Influencer-turned-boxer Tristan Hamm has announced his next fight against the legendary NFL player Le’Veon Bell.

The 32-year-old revealed his second boxing match will be against the former running back, who he stated was “arguably the toughest and most experienced guy in the division”.

The match-up will take place as a cruiserweight title tournament fight, to be hosted by the KSI-owned Misfits Boxing.

The Canadian-born influencer is now being trained by former boxer and Jake Paul’s coach BJ Flores.

Tristan took to X to announce the fight.

On his Instagram account (@realtristanhamm), the Canadian said: “My native blood, pipeline construction background, outdoorsman lifestyle and love for this sport gives me an edge that nobody has seen in this space.

“Le’Veon Bell is arguably the toughest and most experienced guy in the division.

“It’s time to rip the bandaid off and show the world who Tristan Hamm is.

“It’s Hammer time baby and I can’t wait to lay the Hammer down.

“This is for you, Canada.”

After knocking out his opponent in 30 seconds in his debut match, fans all over the world were pleading for Tristan to fight Le’Veon.

The running back has been fighting for the last three years, with Tristan identifying him as the biggest threat at his weight.

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Le’Veon was urged to sign up to the battle after Tristan rallied his two million Instagram followers to call him out.

Tristan said: “If I can’t beat Le’Veon, then I don’t deserve to be in this space.

“If I beat him, it’s ripping the band-aid off of the toughest competition and I’m straight to the top.

“I’m down for that and I think I think it’ll be incredible competition.

“He [Le’Veon] started ducking me, he wasn’t paying attention.

“He said I wasn’t a big enough name, blah, blah, blah, making whatever excuse he could until I rallied my followers to take a stand and start ripping at him.

“He must have received over 2000 memes of him ducking me and just avoiding me until he finally got the fight presented and he signed the contract.

“Le’Veon’s been boxing for a very long time, he’s a very high level athlete.

“But he hasn’t seen somebody like me in this space.”

Tristan wants to take on the biggest names in influencer boxing, setting his eyes on KSI, Logan Paul and Tommy Fury for future matches.

He believes he has an advantage thanks to his adventurer background.

Tristan added: “My hunting background, my outdoors background, my survival background makes me dig super, super deep.

“When you’re out there alone on these mountains, climbing mountains and ice climbing, rock climbing, it takes something to be able to do those expeditions.

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“When it comes to training, I have the best people possible in my corner.

“I have BJ Flores, who’s the reason Jake Paul became what he is when it comes to professionalism and boxing.

“At the end of the day, I don’t even care about Le’Veon.

“I’m in there for a battle against myself and I want to see how far I can take this.

“I’ve always had that mentality but I’ve never really just put 100% into one thing, it’s going to be really powerful to see what happens when I do that.”