Who Won? KSI – Fury, Logan – Danis Results

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In what can only be described as the most theatrical display of disbelief since I lost an arm-wrestling match to my pet cat, KSI has screamed “Robbery!” at the outcome of his latest boxing spectacle against Tommy Fury on Saturday night. The event, dubbed MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card, ended with Fury nabbing a majority decision victory after six rounds of sweat, punches, and more drama than a reality TV show finale.

KSI, the YouTube sensation turned self-appointed pugilist, was about as pleased with the decision as a cat forced to take a bath. In the post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, he didn’t mince words or facial expressions, for that matter. “Robbery. It’s a robbery, bro,” KSI exclaimed.

The YouTube star then  to addressed Fury directly: “How many jabs did you land? You got hardly any shots off. Look at your face, look at your eyes. I’m the YouTuber and you’re the boxer, you have to win.” This comment was particularly entertaining, considering KSI seemed to suggest that Fury’s face looked worse than his own, which, if we’re honest, isn’t saying much for either party involved.

KSI, adopting the role of courtroom lawyer, pointed out Fury’s repeated warnings for striking the back of his head, which eventually led to a point deduction in the second round. “The amount of times he hit me in the back of the head and the referee only gave one point, and he was doing it over and over,” KSI argued, presumably while resisting the urge to demonstrate on the nearest bystander. “He was trying to f— up my head.”

“It’s outrageous,” KSI continued, missing the chance to dramatically remove a pair of non-existent glasses. “We’re gonna appeal. We need to appeal. I feel like I won that.” The statement seemed to resonate with the same energy as insisting the earth is flat despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Fury had spent the weeks leading up to the fight predicting an early night for everyone. “Watch KSI and then catch some Z’s!” seemed to be his motto. However, by the end of six boring rounds, the only one ready for bed without dessert was probably Fury, who scraped by with a majority decision.

Early on, Tommy tried to introduce KSI to the Manchester canvas, but an illegal hit to the back of the head changed the game plan. KSI, for his part, seemed intent on turning boxing into interpretative dance. The end result? No knockouts. Just two very tired and very confused fighters.

Tommy had a revelation post-fight. “You know, not being able to use my right hand for six weeks might’ve been a wee problem,” he shared. Oh, Tommy, you think?

The shadow of his heavyweight champ brother, Tyson Fury, loomed large. But Tommy wasn’t having any of it. “I don’t want to be Tyson 2.0,” he said. “I’m just trying to be the best version of Tommy who knows where his right hand is.”

On KSI’s unique fighting style, Tommy mused: “He’s like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. Slippery and flapping all over the place.” Then he added, “I got my win, and that’s that. As for this YouTuber-boxer gig? I’m out. Maybe I’ll try TikTok dancing next.”

All jokes aside, KSI’s call for an appeal has merit. The match was close, and there were questionable moments. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see if this boxing saga gets a sequel or if KSI decides to challenge Tommy to a more familiar territory next time… perhaps a rap battle?

Will KSI’s cries of “robbery” lead to a rematch, or will they fade into the background noise of internet memes and Twitter rants?

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis: When Boxing Met WWE…and MMA, All in One Night!

The boxing world must have forgotten to give Logan Paul and Dillon Danis the memo that they were supposed to, you know, box.

MISFITS X Series 14: Salt Papi And Amadeusz Ferrari Collide, Live On DAZN

Headlining the co-main event of MF & DAZN: X Series 010 — The Prime Card, the bout between YouTuber-turned-WWE star Paul and the MMA maven Danis looked less like a boxing match and more like a buffet of combat sports. We expected some unconventional moves, given their backgrounds, but boy, were we in for a treat!

While Paul played the part of a boxer, attempting to engage his opponent with real boxing maneuvers, Danis seemed to be on a different page — perhaps thinking he was still in the MMA cage. He was more interested in dodging and defending than trading punches. And as the fight progressed, his strategy devolved from defensive boxing to…well, full-blown jiu-jitsu. Who can forget that MMA-style takedown in round five or the guillotine move attempt as the clock ticked down on the sixth?

Paul wasn’t having any of that. In an unexpected twist, he retaliated with a swipe, prompting Danis to turn the ring into an MMA octagon. Enter the security guards, and of course, Danis couldn’t resist taking a jab at them too, not landing anything like in the entire fight. No event is complete without a proper entourage showdown, right? Predictably, chaos ensued, with both teams throwing punches and the ring turning into a battlefield.

Once peace was restored, and the ring was cleared of the surplus bodies, Paul had some choice words for his MMA adversary.

“He claims he’s a jiu-jitsu whiz, but all I saw was a fish out of water,” Paul quipped. “Trying those takedowns and guillotine moves in a boxing ring? Missed me with that hammer fist, by the way. I regret the scuffle, but come on, Dillon! Did you think this was UFC? Thanks for the entertainment, though!”

Last night’s boxing event seemed more like a roll call of who’s who from the internet world than a traditional boxing night. But boy, did it deliver the goods, with some humor sprinkled in for good measure!

Misfits 13 Results: Victories for Fox The G, Avila and Vitaly

Main Card Results

Slim put on a solid show, making Salt Papi look a tad too…unsalty? He closed the deal in the fourth round with a TKO, leaving a slim Salt Papi pondering whether he should’ve maybe stayed at home. Timeof the stoppage? 2:54.

Deen the Great might want to consider a name change to Deen the Victor after his performance. He managed to outsmart Walid Sharks, securing a unanimous decision. Maybe Walid should consider sticking to swimming? Just a thought.

Speaking of unanimous decisions, Anthony Taylor didn’t leave any room for doubt against King Kenny. If the scores (49-45 across the board) were a song, it’d be Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

My Mate Nate showed Whindersson Nunes that in boxing, it’s every man for himself. Nate’s consistent game earned him a unanimous nod from the judges.

The only fight that seemed like everyone was on the same page, or maybe no one was, turned out to be Alex Wassabi & NichLmao vs. Luis Alcaraz Pineda & BDave. A draw!

YouTube video

Preliminary Card Rundown:

  • Ed Matthews showed no intention of spending extra time in the ring. Poor Swarmz barely got a feel of the canvas, getting KO’ed in just 30 seconds. Ed, always in a rush, huh?
  • Tempo Arts and Chase DeMoor gave a close call performance. But Tempo seemed to have a tad more rhythm, swaying two of the judges in his favor. Maybe Chase should’ve chased a bit harder?
  • If there was a textbook on how to win, Astrid Wett probably wrote it. She outclassed Alexia Grace, making it clear who the boss was. A unanimous decision? Astrid’s night for sure!
  • And then, the grand finale of the preliminary card: DTG vs. S-X. With a TKO in the first round at 1:59, DTG might as well stand for “Darn, That’s Quick!”