KSI vs Fury, Paul vs Danis LIVE on DAZN TONIGHT!

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Welcome to the grand circus of crossover boxing. Here’s the detailed fight card that everyone and their dog is talking about. Watch LIVE on DAZN tonight!

When To Show Up: If you’re planning on catching the fights live, make sure you’re not fashionably late. The doors will be flung open at a precise 1630 BST. And no, they’re not giving out free boxing gloves at the entrance.

Let the Games Begin: The first fight is slated to start at 1730 BST.

Weigh-In Results (because we know numbers matter):


  • S-X: “I skipped dessert for this” 212lbs
  • DTG: “Maybe had a slice of pie” 217.8lbs
  • Astrid Wett: 112.2lbs vs. Alexia Grace: “Featherweight, but hits like a hammer” 110.5lbs
  • Chase DeMoor: 241lbs facing off with Tempo Arts: “Might’ve had two slices of pie” 273.6lbs
  • Ed Matthews: 164.1lbs against Swarmz: “Bringing the buzz” 171lbs

Main Card (7pm BST, Don’t Miss It):

  • NichLMAO 164.5lbs vs. Alex Wassabi 163.9lbs: The name game fight!
  • Luis Pineda 164.6lbs vs. Bdave 164.7lbs: Almost twins, but not in the ring.
  • Whindersson Nunes 174.8lbs battling My Mate Nate 173.5lbs: No, they’re not BFFs outside the ring.
  • King Kenny 168.7lbs vs. Anthony Taylor 169.8lbs: The fight for the royal throne.
  • Deen The Great 129.3lbs vs. Walid Sharks 128.2lbs: Lightweight but pack a punch.
  • Slim 163.5lbs vs. Salt Papi 161.9lbs: A pinch of salt and a dash of action.
  • Logan Paul 194.3lbs vs. Dillon Danis 195lbs: Because we need more drama.
  • KSI 181.3lbs vs. Tommy Fury 182.6lbs: The grand finale you’ve been waiting for!
Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw


Tommy Fury: Comes from a proud line of fighters. The name ‘Fury’ is synonymous with boxing royalty. Having been in the gym since a young age, Tommy boasts a traditional boxing background, coupled with a technical fighting style honed over the years.

KSI: KSI – a man who started as a YouTuber and surprised everyone with his dedication and commitment to the sport. With a mix of sheer will, significant training, and the heart of a lion, KSI has proven that he can hold his own.


Tommy has the technical advantage, with his sharp jabs, solid footwork, and a more orthodox style.  KSI brings unpredictability to the table. He’s not your typical boxer, and his unconventional approach might catch Tommy off guard.

Physical Readiness:

From the official weigh-in, both fighters are looking fit and ready to throw down. Tommy Fury weighs in at 182.6 lbs, a testament to his rigorous training regime. KSI isn’t far behind at 181.3 lbs, which is pretty impressive for someone who’s relatively new to the professional boxing scene.

The Verdict:

Now for the million-dollar question: Who’s going to win?

If we’re going purely by experience and technical know-how, Tommy Fury might have the edge. He’s been in the boxing world longer and has the Fury lineage backing him up. But, and it’s a significant ‘but,’ KSI has the element of surprise. He’s shown tremendous improvement in every fight, and he’s got the hunger – the guy wants to prove a point.

Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

So, will it be Tommy’s technique or KSI’s passion? It’s a tough call.

My prediction? Fury stops KSI late in the fight!

If someone had whispered in my ear a few years ago that we’d be talking about Logan Paul and Dillon Danis in a boxing context, I would’ve laughed it off. But here we are, ready for one of the most intriguing clashes of the year.


Logan Paul: From creating Vines to taking on Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul’s journey to boxing stardom has been, in a word, unorthodox. With an athletic background and a height advantage, Logan has shown that he’s not just another celebrity trying to cash a check in the boxing world. He’s put in the work and has continuously improved.

Dillon Danis: Renowned in the MMA circuit, primarily for his ground game, Dillon is no stranger to combat sports. Transitioning from jiu-jitsu to boxing might seem a leap to some, but fighters like Dillon have the fighting IQ to adapt quickly.


Logan packs power in his punches and has shown a respectable defense in his past fights. He’s grown as a fighter, understanding the importance of pacing and strategy.

Dillon, coming from a grappling background, might face challenges when it comes to the striking game. But, knowing his dedication and the fact that he trains with some great stand-up fighters, expect him to be prepared.

Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

Physical Readiness:

Both fighters have shown their commitment to their physical prime. Logan Paul tipped the scales at 194.3 lbs, showcasing his dedication. Dillon, not too far off, came in at a solid 195 lbs, indicating that he’s taking this fight seriously.

The Verdict:

This fight is tricky to call. On one hand, Logan has more experience in the boxing ring. On the other, Dillon has a rich combat sports history.

If Logan can utilize his reach and keep the fight at a distance, he might edge out a win. However, if Dillon can close the distance, work the body, and potentially bring in some of that clinch work he’s learned from MMA, things could tilt in his favor.

So, who’s taking home the W?

My gut tells me this will be closer than most expect. It’s a battle of Logan’s reach and boxing experience versus Dillon’s fight IQ and adaptability.

The prediction? This one’s going to the judges. It’ll be close, but I see Logan Paul narrowly securing the win, based on his boxing experience