Tommy Fury and Logan Paul big odds-on favourites to beat KSI and Dillon Danis

10/11/2023 - No comments

Tommy Fury is hot on the betting front as a leading 2/7 favorite, aiming to put a dent in KSI’s unblemished fight record this coming Saturday live on DAZN

Considering the odds, it looks like Fury might fancy a knockout, standing at 5/4 to bring home the win that way. On the flip side, KSI, holding onto his pristine record, is looking at 11/4 odds to turn the tables and give Fury a surprise.

Logan Paul is also riding high on the betting wave, positioned as a solid 1/7 favorite against Dillon Danis for their bout in Manchester.

Here’s a quick rundown of the betting scene via Betfair:

Odds for Tommy Fury vs KSI:

  • Tommy Fury: 2/7
  • It’s a draw: 12/1
  • KSI: 11/4

Odds based on how they might win:

  • Tommy winning on points or by decision: 13/8
  • Tommy by KO or TKO: 5/4
  • KSI winning on points or by decision: 7/1
  • KSI by KO or TKO: 9/2

Wondering if the fight will run its full course?

  • Yes: Evens
  • No: 8/11

As for Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis:

  • Logan Paul: 1/7
  • It’s a draw: 16/1
  • Dillon Danis: 9/2

Sharing his insights, Betfair’s Sam Rosbottom commented, “Tommy Fury is poised as a commanding 2/7 pick to take down KSI in the awaited fight this weekend. But don’t rule KSI out, as he’s at 11/4 to spring a surprise. Remember, Fury did dispatch Jake Paul in their recent showdown, and the odds for a knockout win are at 5/4.”

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“And if you’re tracking the Logan Paul and Dillon Danis saga, the rivalry has heated up. Paul, the social media sensation, is the favored 1/7 pick to best the MMA contender in Manchester.”