Playtime’s Over As 6ar6ie6 And Fangs Show Their Teeth!

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‘Grandmother’ of gaming Fangs takes on gothic TikTok personality 6ar6ie6 (Barbie) in the third edition of the Misfits series taking place on Saturday 19 November at the Moody Center in AustinTexas.

Live on DAZN, these two internet stars battle it out in the ring in only the second female matchup on a Misfits event, following Astrid Wett v Keeley from X SERIES 002. It is destined to be a battle of experience versus youth, as a 35-year-old Fangs takes on the new kid on the block in 20-year-old 6ar6ie6. It will make for an enticing match up, with both fighters making their professional debut.

Fangs, also known as  Jessica Campana Duban, is best known as the ‘Queen of FIFA’ and has built her name on YouTube since starting way back in 2012. She has now built-up a following of 1.36 million followers on the platform, as well as now shining as she streams on Twitch. Fangs gained a strong UK following when she started regularly collaborating with big names such as Nepenthez, Miniminter and AA9skillz too, which assisted in gaining over 347k Twitch followers where she is best known for streaming FIFA.

It’ll be a homecoming for Fangs, who grew up in Texas, and she’ll be calling upon her own to support her in her inaugural fight. The biggest fight for the Texan has come outside of the gym, having delayed her ring debut due to the passing of her father, who she sadly lost last year.

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“It made me numb, I felt the worse pain you can feel. I’m numb to everything, if you want to come at me, you will be throwing it at a brick wall,” said Fangs. She continued to discuss her tough year in 2021 where she not only lost her father, but cousin and grandmother too.

She returned to fighting preparations as of May 2022 as she’s ‘looking to find herself’, and pointed out that she has been doing some serious sparring. As she prepares to kick off her crossover boxing career with a bang, Fangs forewarned her opponent about what is to be expected by outlining what has been going on in her camp to show what a serious threat she is.

“I don’t spar women, I spar men,” she said: “I know nothing about her, I had zero idea about her background. I’ve got heavy hands, and the moment she gets tired and lets her guard down, she is going to be down.”

“You maybe want to try and get in my head, and if you don’t want to do that, that is your bad. I’ve been training with pro boxers,” continued Fangs. “She’s just another face thrown at me, and I’m ready. I’ve been doing all this training to get rid of all this anger and hate I have, she just happens to be the face I release it on.”

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A confident approach leading up to the fight will set high expectations for her fans and viewers to deliver on the night, and the Queen of FIFA will believe she has what it takes. 6ar6ie6 is far from somehow who showing up to fill a space, and the Australian will be looking to get an early win as she looks to lay down the foundations for crossover boxing success in the future.

Making made her name lip-syncing on TikTok, where she has now accumulated over 1.5 million followers, 6ar6ie6 started her content in 2020 and, over the course of lockdown to now, has blown up on the platform. 6ar6ie6 is admired for her posts featuring gothic content, her love of anime, and her gaming content on her social pages.

During the digital face off, 6ar6ie6 said: “The fight kind of came to me or I came to it eight weeks ago, so I’ve been training really, really hard” as she explained the struggles of reintegrating solid food back into her diet in preparation for her fight with Fangs. Despite this, 6ar6ie6 believes her youth and height advantage over her opponent will give her the edge, as well as her lack of worry in her opponent possessing any real threat.

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“You’re not very fast, you’re actually very slow, and you’re banking on reach even though you’re going to be the shorter opponent in this fight,” said 6ar6ie6. “I have zero expectations of her, my coach trains current world champions.”

“I think I will enjoy it. As for Fangs, I think she will revel in it, this is really her big moment to revive her dead career”

It is clear to see the two female pioneers of this event are willing to put it all on the line. Such an approach on their debut’s is to be respected, but it is also clear there is no respect between these two as they both come to steal the limelight at the Moody Center. With 6ar6ie6 being six feet tall and 15 years younger than her opponent Fangs, it will mean the American will have to be in top form to come out on top in her home state.

“I don’t run my mouth all over the internet, I have respect for my elders but she sits on her ass all day,” said 6ar6ie6. “Anger is a draining, time-consuming emotion and I’m not worried at all. She doesn’t threaten me, I’m not impressed.”

A battle of old school social media vs. the new kid on the block will make for a thrilling encounter that cannot be missed, live on DAZN.