Jake Paul: The Savior of Boxing?

08/04/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with ESPN, YouTube sensation turned boxing heavyweight Jake Paul discussed his rise in the boxing world, the challenges ahead, and his plans for the future. In just three and a half years, Paul has shattered records and made boxing history.

Paul proclaimed his love for big moments and high-stakes events. Citing the popular phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas,” Paul suggests that this includes his knockout records. He stated:

“It’s cool and it’s crazy how all this has happened in three and a half years. Just making historic numbers and continuing to break records.”

When asked about the secret to his success, Paul credited the power of self-belief and hard work. He believes in the power of manifestation, and his accomplishments so far seem to validate his convictions.

“Self-belief is probably one of the most powerful things in the world. If you put in the work and dedicate yourselves, and believe in yourself more than anyone else in the world, then great things can happen for you.”

Paul discussed the cost of his diamond-encrusted knuckles, which reportedly cost around $100,000, in a candid chat about his love for jewelry and flamboyant lifestyle. When asked about the total worth of the jewelry he was wearing, he casually said:

“Just like 250, 200, nothing crazy…just a quarter of a million.”

Highest Pay-Per-View Yet?

Paul hinted at the possibility that his upcoming fight against Diaz might be his most lucrative fight yet. It all depends on the pay-per-view numbers, which he said were “trending in the right direction.”

“The numbers are trending our biggest commercial pay-per-view yet. The tickets are the highest they’ve ever been so all the numbers are trending in the right direction.”

Paul’s partnership with ESPN+ could potentially make the upcoming fight twice as big due to their built-in audience. He’s looking forward to the added exposure and the possibility of this being his biggest pay-per-view event yet.

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Paul reflected on the improvement he’s made in his physical condition and fighting skills. His coaches and nutritionist have been instrumental in this process, helping him to maximize his strength, balance, and footwork.

“My cardio is just like double… my body’s running amazingly and then the head coach… worked a lot on my footwork back to basic fundamentals being on balance.”

Future Plans: Conor McGregor in His Sights?

When asked about his future in the boxing world, Paul reaffirmed his desire to challenge himself and continue to fight high-profile matches. His ultimate goal? A showdown with Conor McGregor.

“When I knock out Nate Diaz and do what Conor couldn’t, I think it only makes sense for him to want that money fight.”

Mike Tyson has dubbed Paul as the individual who’s going to “save boxing.” A compliment Paul takes to heart, recognizing the significance and weight it carries coming from a legend like Tyson.

“It means the world to me… I hope to help this sport because the sport helps me in so many ways… I just want to continue to make it a better sport and make boxing cool again.”

In a short span, Jake Paul has cemented his place in the boxing world, shattering records,

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