Jake Paul: “It’s kill or be killed, I’m Going To Finish Diaz”

08/03/2023 - No comments

“In the chaotic world of combat sports, it isn’t often that we see a crossover as spectacular as Jake Paul’s transformation into a boxing,” said Jake, exuding both pride and excitement about his journey and that of his brother.

The Ohio-born YouTube sensation, Jake Paul, is not only making a name for himself but also bringing his brother, Logan Paul, along for the ride. “I’m so proud of him and it’s crazy that we’re being able to do this together,” Jake commented on their endeavor to “take over the Combat Sports World together.”

There’s talk of Logan flying to Jake’s fight to share the victorious moment. From Ohio to the bright lights of professional boxing, the Paul family has made quite a leap.

Key to Victory

When asked about his performance in his last fight, Jake admitted something was off. He, however, has done everything to ensure the same doesn’t happen this time. “I just had more time to prepare, was more focused, healthy, trained in my home in Puerto Rico,” he stated.

Jake emphasized the challenge of training overseas and not in his own gym. Fortunately, this camp was devoid of sickness, a blessing according to him. “Everything’s been on point,” he said, crediting his improved fitness to new strength, conditioning, and nutritionists.

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The Power of Boxing

Addressing the toughness of his upcoming opponent, Nate Diaz, Jake raised a pertinent question. “Has he ever been hit by a man in boxing gloves in a pro fight?” This question seems to underscore his confidence in his boxing power. “It’s going to make all the difference in the world,” Jake added.

“Boxing’s a completely different sport,” he clarified, differentiating it from MMA, where fighters have to be mindful of various positions. Jake aims to turn his hips over and strike with power Nate has never experienced.

On being questioned about who’s next for him, Jake suggested a rematch with Tommy Fury. He is also open to taking on KSI and other professional boxers. “There’s a lot of big names, a lot of big fights out there… I want to fight big names.”

Jake’s ambition to make a mark in professional boxing remains undeterred. When Nate Diaz declared it’s “kill or be killed,” Jake had his own spin on it: “For me, it’s not killer be killed, for me it’s kill, and I’m gonna kill.”

Is a win enough for Jake Paul? No. He is resolute about finishing Nate. “I’m gonna finish him. He’s not gonna survive all 10 Rounds, zero percent chance,” he affirmed.

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