Idris Virgo Vs Aaron Chalmers Headlines MF & DAZN: X Series 009 In Newcastle

08/08/2023 - No comments

The MF & DAZN: X Series is pulling no punches with its upcoming 009 event. Idris Virgo is gearing up to go toe-to-toe with hometown favorite Aaron Chalmers at the Vertu Motors Arena in Newcastle. Slated for Saturday, September 23, the bout promises to be a slugfest, and it’s all going down live and exclusive on DAZN.

Chalmers, who has already tasted high-level competition by squaring off with none other than Floyd Mayweather earlier this year, will have the vocal Geordie Army in his corner. But Virgo, the undefeated pugilist, is heading into the lion’s den with the sole mission of silencing the crowd.

The evening promises to deliver drama, making this installment of the MF & DAZN: X Series one for the record books. This is the first time Misfits Boxing is bringing the canvas and the ropes to the sports-mad city of Newcastle, and they’ve stacked the card with an eclectic mix of crossover stars.

In the co-main event, Ashley Rak-Su is ready to duke it out with Halal Ham. We’ve also got FaZe Temper and Ginty squaring up in what’s sure to be a cruiserweight showdown that’ll leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Gabe Silva, the son of UFC legend Anderson Silva, is ready to throw down with Ben “The Bane” Davis. Heavyweights S1mba and Master Oogway will be swapping leather in a bout that promises fireworks.

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The ladies are in on the action too, as TashWeekender faces Carla Jade, and the Misfits Female Super Bantamweight title is on the line with AJ Bunker taking on Little Bellsy.

Reality TV star Callum Izzard will face off against U.S. opponent OJ Rosé, and opening the night will be Pully Arif vs Small Spartan Jay.


“I’m stepping into enemy territory on September 23, but trust me, I’m all business.

“Newcastle fans can try to rattle me all they want, but they’ll be eating their words when I shut down Chalmers in the ring.

“They know me as the ‘Bodybreaker,’ but after this, they’ll also know me as the guy who shattered Chalmers’ dreams. Misfits won’t have any option but to add me to their pound-for-pound list.”


“Idris is all hype. My last opponent just got signed by UFC; his last guy’s taking out my trash.

“I’ve sold out the Newcastle arena twice and even outsold him in his own hometown.

“Sure, he’s got an unbeaten record, but people know him more for getting clowned by Tommy Fury at the last Misfits event.

“This is gonna be a slugfest. We’re gonna throw down, no holds barred. The winner of this is basically the main filler for almost every Prime Card fight, and I’m all in.

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“I’ve had one pro fight and one exhibition, which was last minute. But for this, I’ve had a full camp, no excuses. We’re gonna leave it all out there.”

MAMS TAYLOR, Co-President of Misfits Boxing

“This headliner is straight fire. The hype for the Prime Card on October 14 is real, but before that, we’re lighting up Newcastle with X Series 009. Expect a charged atmosphere!”

KALLE SAUERLAND, Co-President of Misfits Boxing

“Newcastle is a sports city like no other. We’re pumped to finally bring a blockbuster Misfits Boxing event there.

“Chalmers versus Virgo is gonna be epic—a headline bout that could go down as one of our best. Toss in some American talent, heavy hitters, and a female title match, and September 23 is gonna be lit.”


“We’re amped to add another must-watch fight to our X Series line-up. This is just a taste of what’s coming on October 14th, adding more sizzle to the KSI vs. Tommy Fury showdown.”


3×2 minutes Featherweight contest
Carla Jade 119.2lbs
TashWeekender 123.8lbs

4×3 minutes Lightweight contest
Pully Arif 128.7lbs
Small Spartan Jay 123.1lbs

MF Female Super Bantamweight title
AJ Bunker 119.9lbs
Little Bellsy 121.7lbs

4×3 minutes Light heavyweight contest
Callum Izzard 169.4lbs
OJ Rose 167.1lbs

Anthony Taylor to Defend MFB Light Heavyweight Title Against Gabriel Silva in X Series 13 Co-Main Event Live on DAZN

3×3 minutes Heavyweight contest
Armz Korleone 238.7lbs
Master Oogway 239.7lbs

4×3 minutes Catchweight contest
Gabriel Silva 167.7lbs
Ben Davis 162.7lbs

3×3 minutes Light heavyweight contest
Ashley Rak-Su 173.3lbs
Halal Ham 174lbs

4×3 minutes Cruiserweight contest
Faze Temper 189.9lbs
Ginty 188.5lbs

5×3 minutes Light heavyweight contest
Idris Virgo 174.1lbs
Aaron Chalmers 174.8lbs