Jake Paul: Ready for the Cage?

08/07/2023 - No comments

In an interview with Seconds Out, the Problem Child himself, Jake Paul, talks about  his future plans to venture into MMA. He’s clearly confident, offering Nate Diaz $10 million for a fight and expressing frustration with Nate’s avoidance of accepting the offer.

“If Nate accepts the offer, but he just keeps on wanting to duck me and make excuses… I have 10 million dollars for you in MMA, and you still haven’t accepted it after I [beat] you up in boxing.”

One may think that the cage would be Nate’s advantage, a place where he’d want to fight Paul. However, Paul doesn’t shy away from stepping into the lion’s den. His desire to dominate in MMA is driven by his determination to prove his doubters wrong.

“That’s exactly why because once I destroy them, choke them out and submit them and out wrestle them and outbox them and out kick them, they’re gonna be like what the [heck] is this kid doing? This is crazy.”

Future in MMA

The interview hints at Paul’s broader aspirations in the world of combat sports. While he seems primarily focused on beating Nate in the cage, he’s open to pursuing an MMA career with other opponents as well, but he makes it clear that he wants a big name.

“If Nate doesn’t go for this fight in the cage, will you be pursuing an MMA career regardless whether it’s Nate or somebody else at some point? But I want a big name for sure.”

In conclusion, Jake Paul is undeniably a force to be reckoned with, ready to take on both his opponents and his critics. His ambition reaches beyond the boxing ring, eyeing a dominant presence in MMA. Will Nate accept the offer? Will Paul prove his mettle in the cage?

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