Results: KSI knocks out Joe Fournier with an elbow strike!

05/14/2023 - No comments

The popular YouTube sensation, KSI, emerged victorious in a contentious win over Joe Fournier on Saturday, with an unintentional elbow strike ending the match.

The 29-year-old KSI controlled the early moments of the exhibition match at Wembley Arena in London, landing powerful blows in the first round. In the second round, he delivered a massive overhand right to Fournier, who is a decade older at 40. This was followed by an attempted right hook, which missed its target, with KSI (whose real name is Olajide Olatunji) unintentionally connecting with his elbow instead.

The unexpected blow knocked Fournier to the mat, leaving him dazed and looking up at the ceiling as he failed to rise before the referee’s count concluded.

Following the match, KSI addressed the controversy during a post-fight interview, denying that the match-ending blow was delivered with his elbow. He then invited Tommy Fury into the ring for a tense face-off that ended with the two being pulled apart. Earlier in the evening, Fury was involved in a skirmish with Idris Virgo, a fellow former contestant from Love Island, in the audience.

KSI dominated the first round at the exhibition bout at Wembley Arena in London, delivering substantial blows to Fournier. A strong overhand right in the second round was followed by a right hook that missed its mark, with KSI inadvertently landing an elbow strike. This sent Fournier sprawling on the canvas, unable to beat the referee’s count.

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In a subsequent interview, KSI rebuffed the claim that he had downed his compatriot with an elbow strike. He subsequently invited Tommy Fury for a tense standoff in the ring, which ended with both being separated.

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