Anthony Taylor: “KSI will beat Fournier, then I want him next!”

05/12/2023 - No comments

Speaking with OLBG, Taylor said: “KSI will beat Fournier, Jake Paul will avenge his defeat against Tommy Fury and beat Nate Diaz and I’ll be like Mike Tyson against Salt Papi”

Taylor: “Joe Fournier is going to lose. When was the last time he fought? It’s been two or three years. Look at his record. I don’t want to say he’s been rigging his fights, that sounds criminalising and that’s not what I mean. He’s picked opponents that he can beat – mainly journeymen who he’s probably paid approximately £3,000 for who have no chance of beating him. In that respect, he’s bought his wins.

If you pay them enough money, they’ll come to fight, but they won’t win. Look at his last fight, he fought a Colombian singer. KSI is no singer, we know that from his music, but he has been training non-stop, gaining experience in the ring. I think it will go the distance but it’s KSI’s fight for me. Activity will be the difference.

Me versus KSI only makes sense when it makes sense for him. We are a pawn in his game. He pulls the strings. The same with Salt Papi. KSI is not ducking Salt, it’s just not the right time. ”

I’ll be like Mike Tyson against Salt Papi, Manny Pacquiao will feel my hits in the Philippines

I’m going to come straight at Salt Papi like Mike Tyson. I’m giving you the game plan, this is exactly what I’m going to do; I’m going to come out bobbing and weaving like Mike and I’m going to plough straight at him, peek-a-boo style.

Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

I’m going to hit him so hard his hero Manny Pacquiao is going to feel it back in the Philippines. Salt is a novice compared to any fighter I’ve ever faced. He’s a drop down in competition. He’s a stepping stone to bigger and better nights. I want Slim and Logan Paul before the years out and Salt is my stepping stone. He’s an easy night’s work compared to anyone I’ve fought. I’m not looking past him but there’s levels to this game; I’m more ferocious than anyone he’s been in with; I’m tougher, more durable, I can take a shot, I know how to fight through the fire.

I’ve fought MMA, I have that dog mentality which Salt does not. He hasn’t had to overcome anything. Rumour has it Josh Bruckener broke his nose, and he barely hit him. When I land on Saturday night, I’m breaking more than his nose. I want to fight Slim next for the title and I want to fight Logan Paul or KSI at the end of the year potentially. For me to get to Logan Paul or KSI, I need to beat Salt Papi. Me and Slim have already agreed to fight. If I beat Salt Papi, me and Slim fight next. That’s done.

Jake will avenge his defeat against Tommy Fury and run rings around Nate Diaz

I would love to have a chance to fight Tommy Fury, but he doesn’t want to risk it again because I’m too much of a risk at this stage in his career. Plus, Jake will take care of Tommy a lot easier next time if they get that rematch on. Jake first will beat Nate and then come back to avenge that loss. Nate Diaz is a good fight for Jake. We know Nate likes to box and brawl but he’s not going to have those small mma gloves on, this is boxing. Jake has been at this boxing game for a while now, training day in day out, gaining experience. His ring IQ is improving. This isn’t brawling, this is boxing, and it’s an art Jake Paul is mastering. Nate will come to fight but Jake Paul will run rings around him.

Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

I was a homeless and suicidal stripper before influencer boxing saved me

A lot of people don’t know that I was homeless, a lot of people don’t know that I was a stripper and had to do what I had to do to survive. But I don’t promote it, I don’t use it as an excuse. It was 2016 and I broke up with my girl and I ended up homeless in Stockton, California. I was living in the streets and sleeping in the park, or going from couch to couch. I’d steal clothes and food to survive, I’d go to farmers markets to steal food. I was 26 years old. I wanted to kill myself. I started stripping and driving Uber to get by, and then I met my coach who gave me a place to stay. He turned me into an MMA fighter and the rest is history. I told myself I will never live that life again. Self pity will keep you there. That’s why I am the way I am, I’m always positive. I’ve been there. It can’t get any worse than that time.

Jake Paul changed my life, I’m earning more money than i would have ever made in the UFC

I was riding on a five fight win streak in MMA. The UFC offered me to fight Islam Makhachev on a two week notice, this is before he fought Bobby Green. I was going to fight Islam at two weeks notice during covid but I told my manager I’m not going to have my UFC debut against an undefeated fighter on two weeks notice and be used and abused.

Rematch on the Cards After Brooke and VanZant Battle to X Series 15 Draw

My manager said the UFC will bring me in anyway with two big wins. I had two fights lined up. But then I got the call from Jake Paul to be his sparring partner, I started training with him and he treated me like family. He gave me the opportunity to fight Tommy Fury, and from there on I quit MMA. The money was too good in the influencer world. Jake Paul was paying me about $2,500 a week just to spar and train with him, that’s like ten grand a month.

These MMA promotions were paying about five grand for an eight week camp. Jake Paul paid me more when I was working with him than I earned as an MMA fighter, Jake changed my life. I left MMA when I met Jake. The money was so much better. I’m now on the influencer circuit and making more money. I’m now looking to buy a house. I manifested this moment. I’m really close to buying a house. I want to own a house by the end of the year. I want to own something for the first time. It feels great to be in this position made possible by influencer boxing.