Swingler Cements Hometown Hero Status – #Misfits005 Results

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Jay Swingler secured the victory tonight via a unanimous decision in an entertaining match-up against Nichlmao to continue his winning run in Misfits Boxing at MF & DAZN: X Series 005 in his hometown of Telford. With this win, he certainly asserted his dominance on the Middleweight crossover boxing scene, as he climbs and further makes himself the man to beat at this weight class.

With this second win on Misfits, he now has eyes on tougher competitors like Slim or even a rematch with AnEsonGib from a few years ago. The fight saw a sold-out Telford International centre up on their feet from the opening bell. The entrance from Swingler was incredible on its own merit. The hometown boy had the crowd on his side throughout, as he vowed to dominate Nichlmao inside the squared circle.

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The first round was strong by Swingler, as he tried to gain an early advantage with a flurry of left and rights. Nichlmao caught Swingler a few times, but he waited for the perfect moment to strike back.

in the second, Swingler landed heavy shots on Nichlmao as he struggled to keep up with the pace of the match. Each heavy punch landed by Swingler was met with huge cheers from his home support dominating the arena, but credit to Nichlmao who showed some heart as he kept fighting back, using the uppercut to his advantage.

The fight proved a fiery contest coming into round three with both fighters landing effective shots. Swingler became frustrated as every time he had the momentum, Nichlmao answered back with shots of his own, but the final round showed both men wanted to leave everything they had inside the ring.

Connecting with heavy punches, both men bit down hard on their gum shields to reach the depths of their will and throw as heavy as they could. It was a tough fight to call, as the fight went down to who wanted it more and who had more left in the gas tank. However, the hometown boy came out deservedly victorious in the end with the majority victory.

Deen The Great and Pully Arif faced off in a MF Lightweight Championship contest in the co-main event. Deen looked set to continue his unbeaten run after his sensational comeback win against Walid Sharks, but Pully Arif entered the bout with threats of his own as a strong competitor for the title. Throughout fight week we witnessed the back and forth between the two competitors, as this clash was predicted to be a potential fight of the night contender.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor

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The match started tentatively as both men were trying to analyse the other, but as the match went on they both began to go to work and prove why one was a champion and the other a worthy opponent. This was until Deen put his foot firmly on the gas in the third round, and knocked Pully Arif down with a lovely combination married with a powerful right hook. It was no easy night for the champion, but he would keep his belt after a unanimous decision victory to keep him as one of Misfits Boxing’s biggest names.

Ash Rak-Su took on King Kenny in a highly-anticipated fight. Rak-Su was in his greatest condition to date, but Kenny has had the reputation of possibly being one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the crossover boxing scene having proven his knockout power at Misfits 003 in Austin against DK Money. They say a setback is the setup for a comeback, and Ashley Rak-Su aimed to prove himself this time around after an unfortunate defeat against Anthony Taylor in Sheffield, Misfits 002.

Both the technical fighters tried to find the advantage over the other, but after a strong-willed performance from Rak-Su in the first round, an early upset looked possible after Kenny was caught with a few heavy jabs. Kenny’s in-ring experience proved to be regaining control of proceedings, but the technical ability from Rak-Su seemed to be too much for Kenny.

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The match ended with Rak-su winning by a split decision, leaving the crowd stunned having fallen victim to believing Kenny would not lost the bout. Kenny by no means producing a poor fighter, but Ashley Rak-Su showed the level of commitment and desire he has to continue improving each time he enters the gym.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor

The historic WWE-style tag team bout between the team of Luis Pineda & BDave (Los Pineda Coladas) and IcePoseidon & Anthony Vargas (D Generation Ice) delighted the fans in an event never seen before in crossover boxing. The inaugural tag team match on a Misfits event clearly proved to be a success from the off, with both teams fluidly using the rules to produce a special birth of a new concept.

Los Pineda Coladas were clearly the fan favourites coming into this match. The entrance alone was like a WWE matchup as the fans in the Telford International Centre almost blew the roof off. Both the first and second rounds were dominated by BDave and Pineda, especially Pineda who controlled the ring as much as he orchestrated his adoring fans.

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BDave had plenty of support of his own as he took to the stage and seized the moment as he eventually got the tag and won the match for his team after throwing heavy shots to leave Ice Poseidon stuck against the ropes with no reply. The first of many tantalising tag team match ups to come.

The thrilling fight between Astrid Wett and AJ Bunker was a massive milestone in the world of female crossover boxing. Both women put everything on the line as both aimed to become the first-ever female Misfits champion. With the much-anticipated Elle Brooke clash for the winner, Brooke watched on to see her next possible opponent at work. With an impressive showing from Brooke against Faith Ordway at Misfits 004, it looked set to be a huge treat for boxing crossover fans.

It was a no-holds barred encounter from start to finish as it was evident both women have been working hard on their technical prowess and speed through their respective fight camps. The first round brought the fans to their feet in Telford, as a huge roar from the crowd closed the opening bell with offense taking presidency over defense as a firefight broke out.

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Both ended the third and final round, left exhausted and bloodied for their efforts. The only Fans star Astrid came out victorious as not only the Queen of TikTok but also the Queen of Misfits boxing, after winning via majority decision to become the first ever Female Misfits champion. AJ Bunker showed more than a handful of reasons as to why she is so popular in and out of the ring, and is set to return and shine in crossover boxing.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor

The second fight of the night saw Ginty take on Halal Ham. Ginty had something to prove after a loss to JMX at Misfits 002 however, he did secure a knockdown during the fight, making it evident he had that knockout power. Ham’s most recent fight was a close win against DTG as he eyed continued success, especially with fan-favourite Salt Papi supporting him in his corner.

Both fighters were technical in the opening round, working their way around the ring looking for the perfect time to strike. Ginty secured the knockdown in the first round after a picture-perfect right-handed jab sent Ham to the canvas. The match ended after all three rounds of action, with Ginty securing a hard-fought unanimous decision win.

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Tempo Arts and Godson kicked the night’s action off in a contest guaranteed to bring some heavy shots.. Both competitors wanted to prove themselves and secure a victory in their debut fights and. even though nerves would have played their part in front of a sold-out crowd in Telford, this bout between two strong men certainly did not disappoint.

The fight began fast by both men as they looked for an early knockout. The 18-year-old Tempo impressed early on as he closed the first round strong with heavy left and right blows to Godson. Just before the bell for the second round began, Godson’s corner put a stop to their fighter after a possible shoulder dislocation. Tempo came out good value for his victory after showing he could take some shots but dish plenty out. After calling it a few fighters post-fight, one certainty as the young fighter will be back to entertain once again.