Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO: Date, Start Time, How To Watch

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Quotes and Images from today’s Press Conference ahead of Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO at MF & DAZN; X Series 005 on Saturday March 4 live on DAZN from Telford International Centre.

Mams: They mystery opponent was one of the highlights of Misfits for me. Pineda came through and delivered, there was so much poetic justice in that event. We went to extreme lengths to keep that a mystery.

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Tag team boxing, you’re going to see it Saturday night. At the end of the day, this space is all about trying new things and being innovative. This is real boxing, but, with sports entertainment. These guys mostly come from the entertainment space and we have to remember that, and we’re here to entertain fans. This is the natural step in the evolution of sports entertainment, and people are going to hate it until they love it. If they hate so passionately, then we must be doing something right.

Kalle: We sat the bar high. Nine months ago when we started out we sold out the O2; two fights in one night. We went on to Wembley, and lets not forget that fantastic fight in Austin between Deen the Great and Walid Sharks. We’ve had so many highlights along the way, we’ve had the mystery opponent and now we set the bar higher with tag team boxing. We also have our first female Misfits Championship fight this weekend which I’m incredibly proud of. The card is stacked, look at this press conference. It’s just great to see.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor


  • Date: Saturday, March 4
  • Time: 7 p.m. GMT / 2 p.m. ET
  • Main event ringwalks (approx): 10 p.m. GMT / 5 p.m. ET
  • The card will stream live on DAZN in over 200 countries across the globe
  • The fight will take place at Telford International Centre in Telford, England.
  • The event is set to get underway at 7 p.m. GMT / 2 p.m. ET with the main event ringwalks scheduled for 10 p.m. GMT

Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO

Jay Swingler: First of all, welcome to Telford everybody! I’m back at home. I get to load the dishwasher, knock this bum out, go home and play Minecraft, all in one night. I think he looks stiff, he looks like he can’t relax.

NichLMAO: Cherdleys realistically wasn’t trying in that last fight against Jay. People having that expectation of me is kind of laughable, as I’ve put in months and months of training. Everyday, even without a fight, I’ve been training. People who think it’ll be anything like the Cherdleys fight are dreaming. Jay told me three different versions of how long he’s been training, so I don’t even know how prepared he is.

Jay Swingler: I’ve been sparring for eight months, but I’ve been training and conditioning for about two years altogether.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor

NichLMAO: You waited 14 months to start sparring?

Jay Swingler: Properly, yes. Pad work, technique, footwork drills. That comes first.

NichLMAO: Why so long? I started sparring after two weeks. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training for as sparring makes a huge difference.

Jay Swingler: 100%. It depends who you’ve been sparring though doesn’t it. If you’ve been sparring youtubers, that will do nothing for you. I doubt you’ve improved much since your sparring footage.

I’ve got a little gift for you, one second. I’ve got two green t-shirts, and when I knock him out people can edit the shot on these tops and make memes of the moment. I’ll knock him out in two. I’d be a bit disappointed if it goes longer than that.

NichLMAO: I think Jay’s starting to get worried. First he told me it would be a knockout in seconds, then one round, then two rounds. I think he’s starting to notice that I can fight.

Jay Swingler: I didn’t want to be too egotistical, but fine, I’m going to knock him out in the first round.

NichLMAO: I think I’ll knock him out in the third. You don’t believe in me, but you’re going to see Saturday. I’ll accept the apology from everyone after the fight.

KSI Turns Dublin into His Personal Circus Ring, Featuring a Doubles Match Against Slim and Anthony Taylor



    JAY SWINGLER – 163.8 lbs
    NICHLMAO – 157.6 lbs

    DEEN THE GREAT – 131.1 lbs
    PULLY ARIF – 132.3 lbs

    KING KENNY – 177.2 lbs
    ASHLEY RAK-SU – 180.3 lbs

    LOS PINEDA COLADAS – LUIS PINEDA – 169.8 lbs / BDAVE – 168.7 lbs
    D-GENERATION ICE – ICE POSEIDON – 169.7 lbs / ANTHONY VARGAS – 168.5 lbs

    ASTRID WETT – 112.1 lbs
    AJ BUNKER – 110 lbs

    GINTY – 189.3 lbs
    HALAL HAM – 190 lbs

    TEMPO ARTS – 282 lbs
    GODSON – 252 lbs

    The PBA’s Chief Medical Officer has declared Ace Musa unable to fight at MF & DAZN: X Series 005 based on medical grounds.