41% of Jake Paul’s Instagram Followers Are Fake

11/22/2022 - No comments

Boxers With the Most Online Fake Followers

  • Tommy Fury has the most fake social media followers with over 50% of fake profiles following him on Instagram.
  • Jake Paul wins the fake following ‘fight’ over Tommy Fury having almost 10% fewer fake followers on his profile compared to his rival.

Social media gives boxers the opportunity to connect with their fans, spread the word on upcoming fights, and share the goings-on in their lives. They can also earn money through social media via product promotion and sponsored posts. But have you ever wondered which famous boxers have the fakest following online?

Betway has analyzed the Instagram profiles of the most famous boxers using Hype Auditor, which runs socials audits using AI, and revealed the top 15 accounts with the highest percentage of fake followers.

Tommy ‘TNT’ Fury takes the lead with over 50% of his 4,300,000 followers being fake, followed by Floyd Mayweather JR (44.90%) and Deontay Wilder (43%).

The full list ranked based on the highest percentage of fake followers is as follows:

Rank Name % suspicious accounts Total following % fake followers
1 Tommy Fury 12.20% 4,300,000 50.80%
2 Floyd Mayweather JR 20.90% 28,500,000 44.90%
3 Deontay Wilder 20.90% 2,700,000 43.00%
4 Jake Paul 24.40% 21,300,000 41.50%
5 Andy Ruiz JR 17.30% 1,900,000 35.90%
6 Ryan Garcia 20.60% 9,000,000 34.80%
7 Amir Khan 16.50% 1,400,000 28.80%
8 Tyson Fury 12.20% 5,700,000 28.70%
9 Anthony Joshua 22.70% 14,500,000 26.90%
10 Logan Paul 20.80% 24,400,000 25.50%
11 Canelo Alvarez 19.90% 14,100,000 25.20%
12 Manny Pacquiao 12.80% 7,100,000 24.50%
13 Gervonta Davis 31.00% 3,800,000 24.20%
14 Mike Tyson 2.80% 19,600,000 24.20%
15 Gennady Golovkin 15.00% 4,700,000 23.50%
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Tommy Fury’s recent rival, Jake Paul ranks 4th on the list with more than a quarter of his following being fake. Of the whopping 21 million people who follow the boxer, 8,839,500 are fake followers! Following closely behind in 10th place is Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul with less than 30% of his online following being fake.

It’s worth noting that having fake or ‘bot’ followers, doesn’t necessarily mean that that celebrity paid for the follower boost. It just goes to show that you can’t believe any numbers that you see online. Fake followers are not equal to the fame of celebrities, but a lot of people may connect the number of their online following to their worth or popularity.

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