What Time Is Roy Jones Jr. vs Anthony Pettis Tonight?

04/01/2023 - No comments

Jones v Pettis: The main card is set to get underway at 8:00 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. BST with the main event ringwalks scheduled for 11:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 a.m. BST.

Combat sport legends Roy Jones Jr. and Anthony Pettis previewed their upcoming pro boxing clash during a virtual press conference Wednesday before they go toe-to-toe on Saturday, April 1 headlining the “Gamebred Boxing 4” pay-per-view event from Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee in an event presented by Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing.

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The pay-per-view can be purchased through InDEMAND, PPV.com and UFC Fight Pass PPV, with tickets to the live event available through FiservForum.com. Additional event details will be announced shortly.

In the main event, the Boxing Hall of Famer Jones and the former UFC and WEC World Champion Pettis will go toe-to-toe in an intriguing clash of two of combat sports’ most skilled, accomplished and popular champions, as Milwaukee’s Pettis looks to put on a memorable performance for his hometown fans.

Here is what the virtual press conference participants had to say:


“I wanted to fight Anderson Silva back in the day, but it kept getting pushed to the side. When they told me about the Pettis fight, it was intriguing. He’s done things in MMA that no one has ever done. To face someone else with the same kind of creative mind, I couldn’t say no to it.

“He’s different and he’s very creative with his style. He knows what he’s doing. He’s sparring with guys like former world champion Caleb Plant. That’s the right kind of sparring. He’s not playing boxing, he’s serious about it.

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“I feel like I was the first person to come up with the crossover boxing vs. MMA fight idea, but I never got to do it. This was the perfect opportunity. I know that he’s gonna go hard with his boxing, because he’s facing one of the greats. If I were playing Michael Jordan one-on-one, I’d put everything into it.

“My game is to help put on an awesome card for the people. My goal in boxing has always been to give the people what they want to see.

“I love the fact that I get to fight in a place I’ve never been. They have the Greek Freak [Giannis Antetokounmpo] there, and we’re both freaks in the ring, so why not make it happen? When you get the opportunity, you gotta shoot, and that’s what we do.

“I’m older, but I’m still wise. What better way for him to learn boxing than against someone who knows basically everything about the sport?”


“It’s crazy to be in this position and be fighting Roy Jones Jr. in my first boxing fight. This is a challenge I’ve been waiting for. You can’t say no to an opportunity like this. This is the kind of challenge that wakes me up every morning and makes me want to bring it.

“I’m just straight boxing now. I’m finding the best boxers I can spar with here in Las Vegas. I’m living the lifestyle. How could you not be motivated when facing a guy like Roy? I come to win fights and that’s the goal April 1.

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“I’ve done so much in MMA, but I grew up watching fights like Oscar De La Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad. Watching that is why I got into combat sports. Now that I have this opportunity, I’m hiring the right guys and doing everything I need to do to take this 100% seriously.

“I’ve been working a lot to adjust to fighting at a bigger weight. I was already in fight shape coming into camp, because this is just such a great opportunity. I feel like I’m getting used to the pressure that he’s gonna bring. I’m gonna use the smarts and skills I’ve accumulated over the years and try to put it on him.

“If you look at my UFC career, I fought the best of the best. That’s exactly what I’m bringing to my boxing career. These are the kind of challenges I want.

“I’m testing myself against one of the greats. So this would be huge for MMA as a sport. I’m not going to let this slip through my fingers. I think you’re going to be surprised by my skillset.”

JORGE MASVIDAL, CEO of Gamebred Boxing

“I’m so pumped. I can’t believe I’m looking at Roy and Pettis and it’s all coming to life. I remember Dean and I were having a conversation about this happening months ago, and now it’s happening.

“I’ve been watching Roy since I was a kid, and being a Florida guy, we really go hard for him. We’re so happy to be able to put this together. Pettis is one of the greatest 155 pounders I’ve ever seen. These styles are a great mesh, because they both know how to be flashy.

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“I can’t believe this flight is about to take place. Props to everyone for stepping up, especially the fighters, because if it weren’t for them it wouldn’t be happening.

“I know Pettis has been focusing on striking for a while now, and I can’t wait to see how one of my MMA brothers does against one of the greatest boxers to ever live.

“We just want to put on the best cards possible and that’s what this feels like. After a long week’s work, am I gonna shell out the money for this card? When I look at this card, I’d definitely pay for this. This is history for any combat sports enthusiast.”

DEAN TOOLE, President of Gamebred Boxing

“This is only the second event ever that UFC Fight Pass has promoted through a digital pay-per-view, with the other being Mayweather vs. McGregor. That says a lot about how big this event is.

“This fight card is absolutely stacked. We have UFC and Strikeforce world champions, UFC veterans and one of the greatest boxers to ever do it, just to name a few. We have an incredible lineup and I can’t wait to hear from these amazing fighters today.

“We’re also going to have real boxing prospects and up-and-comers on this card. These types of fights will put eyeballs on upcoming boxers who will eventually be headlining these cards.”

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