Mams Taylor Excited for Misfits Debut of BJ Flores Trained Prospect Tristan Hamm

01/10/2024 - No comments

Tristan Hamm, renowned North American outdoorsman and social media sensation, is diving headfirst into the boxing world, with former Jake Paul chief mentor BJ Flores in his corner. The stage is set for Hamm’s debut in a four-round slugfest on January 20th, 2024, in the vibrant city of Leeds, England.

This high-voltage encounter will be one of the star attractions on Misfits Boxing, broadcasted live by DAZN from the First Bank Arena. BJ Flores, whose fists wrote history in the ring from 2003 to 2018, culminating in a formidable 34-4 professional record, has decided to don the trainer’s hat once again. Flores, who guided Jake Paul into the boxing big leagues, is now multitasking as a trainer and manager. He’s also steering the ship for BKFC World Champion Lorenzo Hunt, hinting that the bare-knuckle monarch will soon be back to thrill the masses. Flores’s eye for raw talent is something of legend in boxing circles.

Tristan Hamm, a man whose thirst for adrenaline knows no bounds, is jumping from the sky and scaling the Yukon’s peaks straight into the boxing ring. “I’m always game for a new test, and boxing seemed like the perfect glove to fit,” Hamm declares with the zest of a true adventurer.

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Mams Taylor, the head honcho at Misfits Boxing, can barely contain his excitement about Hamm’s upcoming debut. “Tristan Hamm is a walking, talking adrenaline rush – a courteous chap outside the ring, yet inside, he’s as wild as a bull moose in a river,” Taylor gushes. “Having BJ in his corner is like a secret weapon, and even before Hamm throws his first punch in the ring, the buzz is electric!”

After a grueling five-week boot camp, BJ Flores is all in on Hamm’s potential. “The next couple of years are going to be an exhilarating ride,” Flores predicts, hinting at the thrill and spills awaiting in Hamm’s boxing journey.