KSI adopted Conor McGregor tactics to win mental battle against Joe Fournier in face-off

05/12/2023 - No comments

Body language expert Darren Stanton has analysed the face-off between KSI and Joe Fournier. Darren says KSI used Conor McGregor-like tactics to win the mental battle against Fournier, while the latter is lacking confidence.

Speaking to BonusCodeBets, Stanton said: KSI is the more confident man. He’s doing some chin-thrusts and leaning forward with his head, this is a signature gesture made by Conor McGregor and it’s a sign of aggression to convey physical intimidation to undermine the confidence of the other person.

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KSI also has his hands behind his back which is a primeval gesture that exposes all of our organs and abdomens, it’s a gesture used by people in authority – police, army, politicians, and anyone comfortable in their own skin. When you put your hands behind your back, it’s an authoritarian gesture that says ‘I have total confidence that you cannot hurt me’, as he’s comfortable exposing his vital organs.

KSI is also delivering dialogue to Joe and is showing anger in his face, his eyebrows are together and pulled down, he’s tilting his head forwards him as if he is about to pounce and the key thing is, his body language is consistent of somebody showing no signs of frustration or bravado – he’s truly in that state of mind.

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Fournier is lacking confidence by pretending to be held back and hiding behind sunglasses

Fornier, meanwhile, is the fighter that is lacking confidence, despite trying to appear confident on the surface. He’s being held back by somebody else behind him but he’s not trying to move forwards and that’s not a sign of anger or ambition to get to his opponent.

He’s not leaning forward and is upright, so it’s not necessary to be held and this tells me he’s not determined to get to KSI. He’s a little bit scared and intimidated, and all of the psychological techniques that KSI is doing are working.

Joe Fornier is wearing sunglasses and wearing these are often a great way to avoid looking somebody in the eyes, sometimes it’s used as a deflection mechanism to avoid eye contact. Avoiding eye contact is a psychological guard. KSI has already won the psychological battle by the time he takes these sunglasses off.

Looking at the face-off alone – KSI is going to win.

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Introducing Darren Stanton:

Darren Stanton is a former police officer with Derbyshire police with a degree in psychology, who used his expertise to uncover the truth when interviewing hundreds of suspects.

He later moved into media and TV as a consultant, being dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” appearing on the likes of BBC’s The One Show, ITV’s This Morning with Phillip and Holly as well as working on screen with criminal barrister Robert “Judge” Rinder. He has also analysed heightened political situations including General Election debates and key interviews with the likes of Dominic Cummings.