Deen The Great Vs. Walid Shark Turns Nasty As Siblings And Shaved Heads Are On The Line In A Heated Face-off!

11/17/2022 - No comments

Bets were made between two fighters full of hatred for each other as the MF & DAZN: X SERIES 003 face-offs turned sour. Deen the Great vs. Walid Sharks promises to become a legendary bout in crossover boxing on 19 November at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas; and both competitors have laid down the challenge to each other to steal the show, live on DAZN.

The 18-year-old former Golden Gloves champion, Walid Sharks, wasted no time in trying to silence the confident 22-year-old Deen the Great. Two young, very hungry, lions who have already gained exposure in the boxing world, with Deen the Great stopping Evil Hero at a sold out O2 Arena at the inaugural 001 event.

Sharks was unimpressed by Deen’s performance, and was quite happy to express his opinions during the virtual verbal exchanges. With a hugely impressive amateur career, Sharks shut down any possibility of Deen the Great becoming greater and leaving with a win in Texas.

“I respect Deen for taking the fight, other than that I have no respect. I have noticed he’s only fighting street fighters and he’s built up his name off it,” said Sharks.

“I’m ending your hype train brother. After my fight you are not going to be making money after November 19. He’s going to realise he made the biggest mistake of his life. I will make you hang up the gloves brother… let’s make a bet.”

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“I would say he needs to shave his whole head you know; you seem like you’re so proud of them braids,” continued Sharks. “If you’re so confident that you win, you should take the bet. If I lose, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Both fighters consistently looked to press the buttons of their opponent. With Deen the Great slightly caught off guard by the bet presented to him by his opponent, he was happy to send a personal counter-offer back in the direction of Sharks.

“What do you want to bet? You got no money,” said Deen the Great. “When I whoop your ass I get your sister too on top of that, how about that?

“I’m confident I whip your ass. The only reason I will be losing is if the planet turned upside down and I fall out the ring. That’s the only way I’m losing, but if for any reason that happens, I’ll get my eyebrows done like you?”

Sharks had taken some time out of his boxing career and to continue his successes as a social media star. His TikTok account boasts over half a million followers on the platform, but he sees now as the time to make his second appearance back fighting after a majority draw decision against Adam Saleh on his crossover boxing debut fight in July 2021.

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Off the back of his unbeaten start in his fighting renaissance, Sharks was clearly in confident mood during the face-offs and remained happy to remind Deen the Great of his self-belief. With Deen asked about what his opponent is good at, the former Golden Glove winner stepped in to answer for him.

“I’m good at everything, whatever it is, I’m better than him at every step,” interrupted Sharks.

“You narcissistic ****, stop talking about your damn self,” responded Deen. “What is he good at? Talking about himself for sure, I don’t know.”

“I mean Walid doesn’t know what he’s better at. I’m better than him, Walid doesn’t really throw any punches, so I mean it’s hard to say. Especially somebody that punches with a lot of anger. He punches with a lot of aggression and emotion. I’m really calm, I got all the composure in the world when it comes to sports.”

As the conversation came towards its fiery conclusion both fighters continued fixed on each other, with the lack of understanding in the other man’s ability to be declared the winner in this one. The closing statements from each man validated the reasons behind this fight threatening to steal the headlines on an unbelievable night of action in Austin, TX.

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Yeah, our fight is going to be the most entertaining fight in influencer fighting history, especially after I knockout this guy,” declared Deen. “I’m going to make a statement. He accepted a fight obviously because he needs me, he got nothing else to do.”

“November 19, that’s it guys,” responded Sharks. “The only thing you will be doing is digging your grave.”