Anthony Taylor: “KSI is ‘full of s***’ – he can’t beat Jake or Tommy”

03/02/2023 - No comments

Midnite sat down with former Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor to discuss a range of topics in the world of boxing in the wake of Jake Paul’s defeat to Tommy Fury on Sunday evening.

Taylor, who was defeated by Tyson in 2021, said: “KSI is full of s***, he would not beat Jake or Tommy let alone both of them on the same night. He can’t even beat me.

“He’s ducking me hard. I’m a realist, he won’t fight me. It will probably be Joe Fournier or Tyron Woodley.

“Tyron will be too much for KSI, my advice would be to steer clear of that. When KSI was in his bedroom making prank videos, Tyron was in the cage being a bad man, and even though he has more miles on the clock, Woodley would destroy KSI.

“Joe Fournier on the other hand looks like s*** and hasn’t fought in years. He has a better chance against Fournier but stay away from Woodley. He was a UFC world champion with KO power and he’d knock KSI out.”

Froch is a ‘coward’ and ‘bitter’ – Jake Paul would ‘pulverise him’

“Carl Froch is bitter because he got whipped by my boy Andre Ward. He’s a nobody. I’ll fight him. I’d beat his old a**. I’d follow Andre Ward and give Froch an Oakland a**-whooping, Ward would be in my corner.

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“Froch is a coward – to be stooping that low – calling out Jake Paul after he lost. Paul’s only getting started.

“To look down your nose at another man who is trying make it, shame on you Carl. Paul’s just starting his career and his reaction, laughing at Paul, really makes him an irrelevant piece of s***.

“Get Froch on a Misfit card and I’ll whoop his a** for Jake Paul. Not that Jake Paul needs my help.

“Jake’s too young, fresh and hungry for has been Froch. Jake would pulverise Froch inside two rounds. If he wants to face Logan and Jake on one night then he’d take a double beating.

“No way he takes that fight, he will price himself out. He’s mad because he’s no longer relevant. Jake’s making him relevant.”

Jake Paul knocking down Tommy Fury won him the fight

“I think Jake edged it. The knockdown was the difference. Jake won that fight.

“He never gave up and he was dangerous to the end. He came up short but he proved he is a professional fighter. If you consider Tommy a professional, you have to consider Jake a professional because in the eighth round he knocked Fury onto the seat of his pants.

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“No-one can tell him he’s not a professional fighter. Anyone who says he’s a YouTuber not a boxer, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Fury will NEVER be a world champion – Paul will get him in the rematch

“Jake will activate the rematch clause because he’s been through hell trying to fight Tommy with the pullouts and then having to beat Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.

“Jake lost thousands of dollars on deposits for venues when Tommy pulled out. He deserves another chance and this time, with lessons learned, he’ll put a beating on Tommy.

“He’ll be smarter. He’ll be smarter in the way he applies pressure. There really wasn’t much between them, but one thing is certain Tommy will never step out of the shadow of Tyson.

“I don’t see Tommy as a future world champion, he doesn’t have the dog in him. He doesn’t have that grit that world champions need.

“I think Tommy was exposed in this fight. We found out his level. Of course he can improve, he’s only 23 years old, but right now I don’t see him as a future world champion – hell no.

“I have a lot of respect for his dad big John, though, because he’s the father figure we all wished we had. The support that’s there from big John is clear for everyone to see.

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“I wish I had big John in my corner, giving me the support and confidence he gives Tommy. I’ve nothing but love for the family, but facts are facts and Tommy is not Tyson.”

Misfits boxing will replace ‘broken’ boxing

“Misfits and exhibition boxing will one day replace normal boxing. The influencing world will consume the pathetic governing bodies with their silly titles.

“The audience for our world is far greater than that of traditional boxing. People don’t care about real boxers any more.

“King Kenny, Austin McBroom, Jake Paul – these names sell out arenas. King Kenny is no one in the boxing world but he sells more tickets than 99.9 percent of real fighters.

“Misfits is the future and will replace broken boxing. We fight anybody, anytime. There’s no ducking.”