Tommy Fury Tells Talk TV Ahead Of Boxing Showdown: “Jake Paul’s Mouth Can’t Save Him”

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Boxer Tommy Fury has told Piers Morgan Uncensored that YouTubers like Jake Paul are “just playing at boxing”.

Ahead of his long-awaited appearance in the ring with Paul later this month, Tommy told TalkTV there’s ‘no way’ he’ll lose the fight – saying “even if Paul had a hammer in both hands, he wouldn’t win”.

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He also weighed in on Paul alleging revealing details of his first child with partner Molly-May Hague.

On his YouTubers in boxing, he said: “At the end of the day, in my opinion, it’s bringing new eyes to boxing and that’s the only positive thing I can say about it really and other than that, it is what it is. They’re not proper professional boxers, you know, they’re just people who are playing at it, you know, doing it to entertain the crowd, earn a few quid and that’s it, really.

“But when you put one of those in with a professional boxer, well, you’re all about to see what’s gonna happen… but I don’t know. It’s bringing new eyes to the sport. Kids are getting involved that wouldn’t normally watch it. So yeah, it’s great.”

On the possibility of losing the fight, Tommy said: “That’s why that’s not an option. There is no way that this man could beat me even if he had a hammer in both hands. There’s no way, and I’m gonna exhibit that.”

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Asked by Piers if he’d ever had a fight with his brother Tyson, Tommy said: “I’ve had many fights with Tyse in the gym, yes, but I can’t reach his head so I’ll just take his hips. That’s where I’m on line with.

“At the end of the day, if I steal his breakfast, he might hit me with a few good right hands and wobble me up a bit but that’s not happened so far, I’m a bit wiser than that.”

Piers spoke of the last time he interviewed Tyson when he bet him a million pounds he wasn’t retiring – with Tyson returning to the ring to fight. Of the bet, Piers explained: “He took it live on air and then said on talkSPORT he would pay me in pound coins. Can you just tell him I’m still waiting and that every morning I run down to the Post Office and there’s no bag of coins.”

Tommy replied: “Well, I’m sorry Piers but I hate to say it I haven’t got the stones to go up to him and ask for your million pounds you’re going to have to do that yourself.”

Asked by Piers whether he was going to knock Paul out, he said: “I know I’m going to knock him out. This fight will not go any more than four rounds. The stuff that I’m doing in the gym, the people that I’m handling in the gym. There’s no way this goes the distance.”

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On Paul revealing he and partner Molly-Mae’s baby news on social media, Tommy said: “Listen, at the end of the day, then the day all Jake Paul can do from wherever he’s in this world is speculate and that’s all that was, speculation and you know nothing’s ever true unless here for me and Molly.”

On the trash talking aspect of boxing, he said: “It’s part of the parcel, you know, it’s what it is. It’s stuff that we have to do. It’s called the entertainment business – that’s the game that we are in and me and Jake Paul are great dance partners, and I’ve enjoyed the buildup so far.

“It’s going to get a lot more heated and I can’t wait but the real work starts when we get inside them ropes and social media can’t save Jake Paul. His mouth can’t save him – it comes down to fighting and I’m a lot better doing that than him.”

Brother Tyson told him to move to Saudi if he lost, so Piers asked, “Just in case things don’t go right do you want me to text Cristiano and see if he’s got any spare rooms?”

Tommy replied, “I mean why not Saudi? I could become accustomed to living out there, but Piers, you’re going to see pigs fly in the air before something goes wrong with me and Jake Paul I’ll tell you that.”

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He ended the chat with more fighting talk and a message for Paul, saying “Listen, make all the best of it Mr. Jake Paul, in four weeks your boxing career is completely over because it never started in the first place.”

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