Idris Virgo: “Jake Paul will KO Tommy Fury with a right hand”

02/23/2023 - No comments

Speaking to , Virgo said: “I would smash both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s heads in!”

Virgo: Jake Paul will beat Tommy Fury. He should be able to get Tommy Fury out of there because Tommy gets caught with an overhand right and that’s Jake Paul’s specialty.

Jake Paul has been more invested into the sport of boxing. He’s been very active and he’s been putting a lot of work and money into it – especially with all of the high tech stuff he’s been doing. Tommy hasn’t really been doing that. He’s just been enjoying his life, boxing when he can box. He’s not dedicated to the sport and you can’t come into it half-hearted, especially if you’re gonna fight Jake Paul. So I do believe Jake Paul will beat him.

I was offered a fight with Tommy Fury, but he pulled out!

I was actually granted a fight with Tommy Fury and he pulled out of it!

I came out of Love Island and then he went to Love Island. As soon as he came out of Love Island, I got a call from his manager, who then offered my coach the chance to fight Tommy Fury.

I accepted and immediately wanted to build this fight. Tommy instantly said ‘’No, I don’t want to fight Idris Virgo, I don’t want him at my fight because he will put me off.’’ I was left thinking ‘’why would he take offer the fight if he had no interest in taking it?’’

My team could only assume that Tommy Fury’s camp didn’t think i would accept the fight, and it could come down to the fact that his father saw me spar Billy Joe Saunders and thought it was too much of a risk for Tommy at that point.

If he builds the courage again to fight me it would be a great fight. It could be dubbed the ‘’Love Island Battle.’’ It would be great for tv to see who has the best hands in Love Island.

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I would smash both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s heads in!

I would love to fight the winner of Fury vs Paul. They may be heavier than me but I will still smash both their heads in regardless.

I did what Tommy Fury wasn’t able to do against Anthony Taylor

I was happy with my performance against Anthony Taylor. I had a bit of ring rust as I haven’t boxed in a year, but other than that, I was pleased. I knocked him down twice. I did what Tommy Fury wasn’t able to do. Tommy took the fight on two weeks’ notice and he didn’t give a good performance against Taylor. I could have done better, but I’m still happy.

Misfits is very good for boxing, They are giving fans their money’s worth

The Misfits promotion is very good for boxing. They bring a different audience and actually invest into the sport. They have people at home invested in the pay-per-view and they are giving people their money’s worth. I would pay for the Dazn subscription because it is worth it because Misfits actually put work into their promotion. They show the weigh ins, pre workout and Press conference and take time to perfect the production side of things. On the other hand in the Pro division, they don’t do that, they are quite lazy in that department.

Tyron Woodley, Slim Albaher and Salt Papi are on my hitlist

Tyron Woodley, Slim, Salt Papi are a few of the names that are on my hitlist but it just depends if they want to fight me. I don’t understand why half of these guys are afraid to fight me. I’ve had 12 fights, 2 knockouts and half of my record is full of journeymen so I don’t know why people are scared to fight me.

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Tyron Woodley is a good character, the fight build up would be interesting between me and him. Slim is also funny. However, Salt Papi comes across as quiet, so I think I will be able to get into his head.

The Pro Division should take a page out of Misfits book; the best should fight the best!

These Pro boxers don’t want to fight each other. We need to bring back the old days when guys like Sugar Ray Leonard fought Marvin Hagler and didn’t care about the record; they just fought. Nowadays they are all taking the Conor McGregor or Floyd mayweather standpoint: ‘’I want to be 50-0, I don’t want to lose my 0,’’ it’s ridiculous!

The best fighters should fight the best fighters and if you lose, you dust yourself off and then go again. In MMA, you can lose and still be in the same position,but in Boxing if you lose you are at the bottom again. Misfits are also different because if you lose, it’s certainly not the end of your career.

Look at Deji! He lost a few times, but he won his bout against Fouseytube and went on to fight Floyd Mayweather. I think professional boxing should take a page out of Misfits book in that sense.

The organising bodies just need to make sure that the top dogs fight each other. At the same time, we also have to educate the fans a bit. They are quick to dismiss a fighter when they lose, when we should rather encourage them to get behind the fighters a bit. We should also get rid of the myths of undefeated records, if you do lose a fight, you shouldn’t lose your place in the rankings – that should happen after maybe a 2 fight losing streak. It’s crazy that a fighter drops to the bottom of the rankings after one fight.

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After sparring KSI, I know he beats Jake Paul

KSI beats Jake Paul hands down. I’ve sparred KSI and I believe that wholeheartedly. No-one knows what KSI can actually do and it will be really interesting to see when that fight does happen

More boxers should take the Reality TV route to boost their profile

Yes, 100%. I wouldn’t be sitting here speaking to you if it wasn’t for Love Island. I believe if boxers want to progress their career – especially the quiet boxers, they need to get themselves on TV and get people at home to know who you are. Without people knowing who you are, you are not going to put bums on seats on your fight nights. You won’t progress as a boxer and you will hit a standstill. I would say to anyone listening to have a go and do a reality program or any program if you can to boost your profile.

Tommy Fury wouldn’t be on Love Island if it wasn’t for me

I would say I served as an inspiration for Tommy Fury to join Love Island. He wouldn’t have gone on there if it wasn’t for me? When I sparred Billy Joe Saunders, John Fury approached me and told me that Love Island approached Tommy and asked whether or not he should pursue it. I turned around and told him ‘’Yes, 100%.’’

He was right to let him pursue it because nobody knew who Tommy Fury was at that point, I didn’t even know that Tyson Fury had a little brother!

I could have been selfish and told John Fury that he shouldn’t let Tommy go on the show and who knows where he would have been.

Look at him now, fighting Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.